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October 14, 2010



what a fabulous book tour! I sincerely enjoyed every moment at the NYC party.

maybe an anthology mag release tour? :)

Justina Blakeney

So beautiful! You two + confetti system + crochet lace pendant lamps + yummy treats and good peeps = magic! Congratulations!


Agree with the Anthology launch party! Do it, do it!

Michele Varian

Meg, I'm sorry to say it was Helen Mirren's doppleganger at the party. It turns out she had no English accent, but maybe she's just that good of an actress and that's how she hits parties incognito.
I am on the hunt for Dame Mirren's email, cuz I'm sure if she had known we were having a party she would have been there!

meg mateo ilasco

Anthology launch party: yes, we are having one! Still working out the details, at the moment it is an invite-only event. Unfortunately, there are no magazine tour plans in the works.

meg mateo ilasco

Michele, I say she's THAT good of an actress and that's how she parties (accent-less)! My friend Robie swears it was her. :)


so glad i got to get my book signed (in LA) :) thank you two for writing such an incredible book! xo!

creative italian wedding photographer

nice book tour!

trade show displays

Fantastic displays...and very important these days, may be more than ever!


I was there!!! One of the best book signing parties I've been to. Congrats for all the success arriving at your door! :)


What a spectacular looking event. I love this book and I love your line of notebooks and stationery—perfectly simple and chic! Thank you!

oil mill

oh it so great I like

Sean Butcher

Wow. Congratulations! Hah! Too bad you didn't get the chance to get your teeth on those cupcakes. Perhaps you need to see some dentists. Aren't you going to have an event in Myrtle Beach? My wife loves to make crafts and collecting bookmarks of different art. Good luck on your future project!

Clipping Path

excellent design blog! you've done really gr8 job! :) thanks for sharing..


The tasty treats look delish!

Tangletree Interiors

They all look fantastic but the Michele Varian party looks amazing in particular. Wish I could have made it. Stuck in the UK this summer though :(

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