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September 28, 2008


Room Envy

This cabinet is seriously cool, very individual

Room Envy

This cabinet is seriously cook, very individual!


just wondering if you ship internationally - couldn't find anything on the website.


How do you log onto the sale? Is it only for designers?


These are great photos! I love the white/mustard mix. Very vintage/modern. The Simrin dishtowels have a cute look to them too. I'll check it out!


Love the wool rugs!


I love that kind of mucky yellow - I keep buying it!


These are lovely. The colors are great. PS really like your blog!

Design Lovely

Love the eco-friendly pillow on the bottom. Great post!


I love Angela Adams. Her shop isn't far off from where I live... she's got some really gorgeous pieces.


Gorgeous picks! Those rugs and the two little birdies are simply adorable!

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Meg Sylvia

Love you're blog! I'll be sure to link you!


I was watching an old episode of friends where Rachel gets obsessed by a shop called Pottery Barn... (what a name!)... is there really an American shop called POTTERY BARN?... if so what on earth do they sell..??!?

The Butter Flying

Waahh!! Pretty blog!!
I discovered your blog thanks to:
Creature Comforts
Happy 2009!


I was looking at your book, Craft Inc, on Chronicle's website. Very nice book! Looks like a super-valuable resource. Nifty blog, too. Thanks for being awesome. =)


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