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August 14, 2008



Wow, I had never heard of Esque before tonight! I love the amimated bookend, in fact I wouldn't say no to any of these beautiful fresh designs!

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Love the esque logo, clean elegant and surprisingly unique look for such simplisity


love these pieces! very unique and simple


Oh wow - like a chem lab setup with charming personality!

samantha hahn

I love these too!!!

Time to scour a flea market for some real beekers. They might suffice?



The logo is just too great!


Scientific is a good description!!

dwellings and decor

I love how simple but striking their logo is.

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I like the design it good

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its beautiful. simply amazing.

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I like it!


I like this logo design that is really pretty.

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That's very simple and beautiful.. great.

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