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June 13, 2008



I love the link side table! Imagine how cool it would look with Moooi's Random Light echoing it overhead. Mmmmmmm.


the side tables are fantastic! they really stand out and the texture is very interesting. thanks for sharing! *a

i vestiti di Carlotta

The side tables are beautiful


Our office has 2 of the wire mesh chairs from Urban. They are a little uncomfortable, but i think a cushion would go a long way. They're very sturdy and look great with our MidCentury Mod sofa. They aren't as great as Eames chairs, but the price is a lot better!


Great read. I love white and black and they are main colors on our first floor with splash's of gray tones, red, off white and in one room just a hint of magenta. Our first floor is opened and I love it.

Freshly Found

I love wire too! It has an honesty and down-to-earth lightness.


I love wire too - I saw a wire cloud in a magazine a few years ago and I have been trying to track it down ever since (with no joy.) I need that cloud for my house.



I'd appreciate if you can give me some feedback on our site: www.regencyshop.com and our item hanging Eames Lounge Chair.

I realize that you are home decor-modern design connoisseur :) I'd like to hear your opinion/feedback on our products. Also, it'd be swell if you can place our link on your blog.

Thank you,


wire mesh fence

Wire mesh furniture are oftentimes called exquisite if not magnificent because of the perceived artistic dexterity involved when constructing these. For one, wire mesh is a difficult thing to mold. Another, wire mesh looks silly in its bare state. It takes artistic hands to produce these and an ingenious mind to strengthen the output.

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For one, wire mesh is a difficult thing to mold. Another, wire mesh looks silly in its bare state.

Healthy Options

I like the arrangement of the furnitures.

Online Shopping

The chair made up of wire is best to all those peolpe who want to relax with pull air breezing around the waist and body.

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