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March 19, 2008



Those are stunning pieces! More like pieces of art than practical, definitely.


THANKS MEG! Those patterns are really cool though I can't sew either. Take care of the carpal.

Cyrus Decor

Those are beautiful forms. What language is that written on the pages? Japanese?

Octavine Illustration

i love all forms of practical art. so beautiful. such clean lines and feminine shapes. such a lovely blog...so happy i've found it. cheers~


Great blog and lovely pics. I especially like your feature on the computer wire art. I used to have to deal with a lot of that when I designed marketing materials for techy companies. It was surprisingly fun to look at the stock photos - there is something surreal about all the colors and shapes and lines.


wow. these are so crazy! i love them. i'd love to be able to see them in person.


This is so fascinating, I hope they continue making more volumes in this series.

The last time I saw mega huge sleeves was when I went to my aunt's wedding in the Philippines!

gayan suranga

now i know the magic of patterns

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Very lovely pics. Awesome, very eye-catching pieces.

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