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February 07, 2008



ha, i love your note in parenthesis! dude, i totally went to work with my mom all the time too. reading books in the company cafeteria...nice..

Freshly Found

I love the idea of labelling a pebble for filing! How inspiring!


I discovered your blog via "bookendless" and I like much your blog, see you

gina kay

Thanks for posting this. Hara has an organic way of thinking. I also like the cloth/washable signage.


how cool is that middle image!


wow...i love the sticky notes pic!

Stickers and Donuts

wow, i love that book with all of the post-its sticking out if it

Yael Landau

I am totally in love with the design of organizing and would love to get my hands on this book, but when I went to the tortoiselife site, it seems to not be working. I tried searching the net but no luck. Any idea how I can get it?

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Hi, I congratulate you on Merry Christmas!


Hi Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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