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October 30, 2007



meg, this work is amazing - thanks for this post!


wow, what a crazy cool lady.


awesome -- thanks for sharing.


so quirky and fun!


amazing! how can she scarve such a fine lines!? What an artist! And they are beauuutiful!


Cool stuff - cool site. Thanks for sharing!


Wow - really nice stamps. I'm like you - love information graphics but can't do maths to save my life. xxxx

joanna goddard

very cool! you could do so much w/these!


Those are some beautiful and very intricate rubber stamps.

Virginia Urreiztieta

Hi Meg!
I just read your book Craft inc. and I LOVED IT. If gives you a good sense of the overall process. The only problem that I had with my book is that it came with a printing or assembling error and it didn't bring the first 17 pages! Weird! Also, I would have loved if you'd had developed a little more the Business Plan and the Financial Plan section. I also think you have a great vocabulary, I learned a couple of new words! I'm on the verge of creating my first inc., so I'm very grateful that I bumped into your book. Virginia.

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Nerd you have a talent in drawing.

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what's up

I've never commented here. Just wished to say what's up.
I like the forum and will definitely be back often.


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