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October 29, 2007


Anna Laura

Well done on the feature on BH&G, the cards look beautiful.

heather moore

Yikes, that does sound like a heck of a month. I always find October to be a month of change and craziness.

I’m so pleased to have discovered this blog (through hopingforhappyaccidents). I recently got your book off Amazon, and have found it exceptionally useful, if a bit scary in parts. And in an extraordinary moment of serendipity, on the day that I got two emails asking me for my line sheet – a term I’d never heard - I opened your book, spookily enough, on a page with the heading “line sheets” written at the top.

Thanks very much. I believe the book is doing very well for you, and I reckon it will help a lot of other people do very well too!

Heather Moore


hey you, congrats on the mention! yay!
whoa...it has been a crazy month for you. AND you are taking Japanese? what?!? why don't you take a little vacation to philly? it's cold here..sounds fun, right???

meg mateo ilasco

sure, you pay for my plane ticket to philly and i'll be there! :P


Thank you for the sweet mention. I've been so busy myself, that it is only now that I am able to catch up on my blog reading. (which explains for the delayed gratitude)

Congratulations on what must have been an overwhelming October month for you. You made it! If you're still up for having ice cream in the winter, hope to catch up with you when I return.


Ps. So cool to hear you're taking Japanese language classes. My husband and I are both learning Japanese too for our future Japan trip and basically because we want to be able to read all those Japanese books and magazines we have :P Sayonara!

common Japanese words

Good luck with your Japanese class. It is difficult in the beginning, but it gets easier. If you have any questions, please feel free contact me or check out my website http://www.japanesewords.net

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