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September 14, 2007



This is so exciting, and I'm happy to hear about your new book - yeah Meg!!!

Victoria E

I'm so there! :D

mi casa es su casa

Yay! I'm glad you're coming to L.A. too. I just ordered the book from Amazon; should be arriving any day now.


too bad i'll be in mexico - otherwise, i would seriously fly out there for your book party..and ask you lots of serious questions! ;)

lisa jackson

i'm SO there meg! you're already cracking me up!


I'll be there. go meg!

Freshly Found

I Live in South Africa, so won't be able to make the launch! But I will be buying a copy of your book! Looking forward to reading it!


Will there be a chance of a NY launch? Isn't that a great idea?


it's on the calendar! looking forward to it.

meg mateo ilasco

i wish i could do a NY party! can't wait to see you all there. :)


Yeay! I will be there for sure. Congratulations on the book. what a wonderful accomplishment.


Big congratulations on a fabuous book... I am about half way through it and already making notes about what I need to re-read. Hope to make it to the Launch Party to honour your wonderful accomplishment...

kyle koerner

I loved your book! Thanks for the helpful information and inspiration.


Ooooo! I can hardly wait for November. I purchased Craft and am thoroughly loving it. I blogged about it on my blog and have a few friends running out to purchase it too!

I found it so well done, it will be a cherished tutorial for quite a long time. Now, in November I'll be able to get it autographed. Super!

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