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August 29, 2007



I grew up in Vacaville and just loved the Nut Tree! Thanks for this post!


Oh my goodness, you have taken me back to my childhood! We used to go there all the time; in fact, one of my earliest childhood memories is of riding those enormous rocking horses. I know what you mean about not appreciating it, though. Looking at those pictures now as an artistic adult gives me an entirely different perspective. Thanks!


Hey, that's a very cute playground. (",)


i am so in love with the nut tree. i went many times while visiting my grandparents in sacremento. i defiantly didnt appreciate it, like i do now. i am so happy i got to experince it. thanks for the post!

Gay W. Lam

Oh my goodness! I loved that place as a kid.
I got the BEST freeze-dried strawberries, dipped in pink chocolate. Thanks for the pics.

Jessica Whyte

The Nut Tree! I had piles of postcards from this place and I never knew what/where it was. Thank you.


Wow, what memories this pulls up! We went to the Nut Tree at least once a year when I was growing up, usually when they had the scarecrows and corn maze for Halloween. I was pretty young so I just have flashes of images... so sad it's been commercialized!

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The Nut Tree Restaurant was an early pioneer of California cuisine, with fresh fruits and vegetables featured in the recipes. By 1978, it was identified as "the region's most characteristic and influential restaurant." It also featured small loaves of wheat and rye bread, cooked fresh each day on the premises.

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