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August 21, 2007



It is lovely book... and so needed! The only thing that could previously be found on the subject were hideous looking (not inspirational at all), out of date, publications from the 70's... and even those are few and far between.
I can't wait to get my copy in the mail!

Thanks for all your hard work... the end result is a true gem!


cathy d

hey meg! congrats on the new book! your are quite the busy lady. that's so awesome that you got to interview such cool designers. i just bought lotta's book. kisses to the li'l ones!

Victoria E

I look forward to posting our interview on my blog soon for all to read. :)


hint, hint: keep an eye out for a great review in the october/november issue of readymade magazine. ;)


i cannot wait to read this!! i have so much to learn. :) xoxo


I love the book. Devoured it one day! Finally there is a small business book that targets the indie world. Thank you!

meg mateo ilasco

thanks for all the nice comments everyone! and victoria, i'm working on the interview right now. :) i can't wait to see the readymade review...


congrats, very cool


I blogged about your book just the other day. Go take a look, if you like. I just ordered a copy for me, and I truly truly can not wait to read it. I have been desperetly needing a book like this, to help me out in my business endeaver. Thank you so much!


I have been seeing your book "all over the internet". Now I am going to have to go get a copy.

Tara (Funky By Tara)

I just bought this book on Friday and I'm already done reading it. I can say that this is the most informative simple book that I have read thus far on this subject. I couldn't put it down. I am so inspired by the interviews I read about in the books that I emmediatly started searching for someone to recreate my logo etc. This is a dream of mine and you truly have made me realize that I can start my own business and be successful. Thanks you so much for writing this book .I'll keep it forever and ever.

P.S I will be writing my blog tomorrow about this book and I will come back to give you the link.

Tara (Funky By Tara)

Here is the link for the blog I did today on this book. It's about three entries down.
have a good one
- T


Tara (Funky By Tara)

Here is the link for the blog I did today on this book. It's about three entries down.
have a good one
- T


Neumann Studio

Congratulations! It is in my wish list for sure, I will try to find it here in Czech Republic if not I will buy it on line.


'craft, inc' is incredible! all biases completely aside! you should be very proud; we're a hard to please crowd, we crafters.


this book is great - i would recommend it to everyone. i blogged about it today on print & pattern :)
thanks meg for writing the book we all need


meg mateo ilasco

you guys are so sweet. thanks for the compliments on the book!!


wait a second - did you write this book just for me?! seriously, I am stunned right now. I am a designer starting my own wedding invitation line, press kits, etc.. and have been looking for a book to help me out along that way. I am beyond excited, and I will be blogging about it today!


Lovely! I just got it in Amazon.com...

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Rita Van Tassel

Hello, I have read and loved the Craft Inc. book! I just posted a blog review here...

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