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April 13, 2007



I'm lovin your theory on the "-ERS" suffix fixation... hilarious post!! (:

cathy d

hee hee.... it cracks me up that wood paneling and indoor shingles are coming back. my dad would be so proud!


Just happened upon this site. Love, love, love it! So much inspiration for a designer/artist! This just fills me up and I want to create! Thank you.

H. John (The Decorating Pro) Johnsen

I really like his idea of using album covers as a display element. Many album covers have great illustration and graphics that will outdo any normal picture and frame! And you can find them at garage sales and flea market for cheap prices.

MKDC Interior Design

Love the Album cover wall and the board games littered through the designs, very cute. Not sure about the last image though, reminds me of a hospital room.


The album covers are great; it looks so trashy most of the time, but not in that pic. Especially love the INXS album.

Nice site!

Real estate Philippines

Lovely living room and your centerpiece was awesome. Love to stay in a place like this.

Deirdre G

Nike Jordan

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