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April 09, 2007



Good luck!


it looks more like leggings to me...very 80s throwback ;-)

phoebe (silk felt soil)

i am so into these chairs, meg...

just bought a writing desk that i am planning on painting white save for its little legs-- i just think it's such a cute way to perk up a glum old piece of furniture! thanks for the post.... xp

phoebe (silk felt soil)

ps- it's much cuter with arms, no?


you're so right about the leggings.

phoebe, when you're done painting your desk post pictures. i'll post images of my chairs, too. it'll probably take me like 2 years to get around to doing it, but i'll totally post it when it's done!

phoebe (silk felt soil)

meg-- make that two of us who will take 2 years! but when it's done, i will!

Jordan AJF8

Wow, So beautiful! I want to share this on my site - love it!

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