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March 13, 2007


Sara Malone

hey there- this is hysterical that I just ran into this page. Gen & Benj are very good friends of ours here in Nashville! They were just over for dinner on Saturday. I have some beautiful pictures of their wedding, if you'd like me to share them (they got married in October). Which– by the way, is going to be on a page of 'What I Learned' in MS Weddings this Spring. I was the art director for the Better Homes & Gardens shoot, so I loved seeing their home from that issue on your web page! Too funny that other people pick up on their press. Her apartment was also in Lucky a couple of years back, as well as Elle Decor/Britain. You should check them out! I'm going to have to pass this post along to Gen, she'll get a kick out of it!


i remember all of these issues too meg! i fell in love with their home in budget living... and loved seeing it evolve every time i saw it in another mag too. i just read the comment above-- i'd want to see their wedding photos!


Hey Sara:

Well I have to say that Gen & Benj are the masters of mixing and getting press! Now I feel compelled to find the Lucky and Elle Decor magazines just to see what those spaces looked like. If you know the exact issues, let me know. Oh I'll have to see how they styled their wedding, too. I'm sure that wedding will round up some press first in MS, then Modern Bride, then....ha.

And nice art direction on the BH&G shoot. :)


sara Malone

okay--- if you can give me a tutorial, I can try to post some pictures from the wedding (I have no idea how to)...

The Lucky mag & Elle Decor mag was from a long time ago– I want to say 4 or 5 years ago? I can't remember. I'll ask GG.

The Lucky mag was of her Chicago apartment, the BL was of their San Francisco pad, as was the Elle Decor, the BH&G and Domino was of their Nashville house.

As well as being the 'mix masters', they are definitely press masters as well! And to add one more magazine to the mix, Gen and I are going to be in the April issue of Domino for our interiors work (or so we're told). Be on the lookout!

And seriously-- if someone can tell me how to post pictures, I'd be happy to pass along the wedding pix.

sara Malone


we got a kick out of this post last year... see link below



I have this Budget Living book (gosh, I miss that magazine!) and have always admired this home. Thanks for reminding me to browse through this book again - it has some wonderful inspiration.


Ah...the BL spread was their SF house. I didn't know that. The placement of the window and fireplace in the living room looks like it could be from the same house!

Early congrats on the upcoming Domino spread. I can't wait to see what you've done. I'm sure it will be gorgeous!

As for the wedding pics, you can email them to me. (I'll send you a separate email, too.)



i TOTALLY remember all three of their places! in fact, i'm pretty sure i clipped the lucky spread -- so let me know if you'd like me to scan/email a copy to you.

it is very cool to see how they incorporated many of the same pieces into various settings.


Love this post and always find inspiration here and at the links when I visit!


yes i miss BL too. and do send me a copy of the lucky spread anh-minh.



I remember all three incarnations, too! These are some of my favorite rooms, ever. There should be a Goodman-Sohr book. No, wait, a Goodman-Sohr-Malone-Mateo Ilasco book! Please?


I've actually clipped all the pics I have of their home and saved them in my inspiration binder. Shoot, I missed the ELLE Decor version! I actually saw them last summer in Nashville, at JCrew. I recognized them immediately, but was too shy to compliment them on their home.



hi meg,
the above link is one of my favorite images from domino ever. i didn't connect it with your post until i looked carefully at the pillows in their deck area. same ones that i LOVED in this image of their living room.
thanks for the feature on this stylish couple!



I too have loved all the features I read about in Lucky, BL and Domino. Hope we get to see their wedding pics too--they have a unique, happy style. I will have to go look up the BH&G article. Thank you for the reference!


mmmmmm. loving it all.

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