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March 14, 2007



i'm crushing on this whole post...seriously, so wonderful.


That white tree on the green wall is GORGEOUS. Do you happen to know where might I be able to buy one like it? Thanks!


That home is exquisite! I love the first photo.

sara Malone

the tree came from ebay, sorry I can't source it for you! It was a brass sculpture-like thing that I spraypainted white.


Thanks for the reply, Sara! I'll have a look around on ebay. I'm so in love with the look of the pop of white against the bright green. You have an excellent color sense and your home is beautiful!


we do seem to share a love of yellow! and the vintage-y paper in the envelope, ohhh... ahh...

sara, i think maybe we have emailed back and forth too. did you work with kelli ronci? i love your home photos! i want all of your pillows...

sara Malone

hey lena- yes, we've emailed before. I bought your 'we love the things that springtime brings' linen print with the green tree. Gen was actually in the house the other day and said how much she loved it! I said, 'Lena Corwin', and she said, 'of course'...she and I both loved your wedding.

Kelli and I were both at Martha Stewart at the same time---she was in crafts/styling, and I was an art director for the Kids & Baby mags.
I have your/Kelli's book on my amazon wish list...more for the visual stimulation, then anything else (I don't knit)!

such a small world...

sara Malone

and thanks! on the pillows. The crewel one was made by mom in the 70's. Unfortunately, she no longer has much of what she made in those days...gave them away a long time ago. Lemon is obviously Jonathan Adler.


hi sara- i thought that was you! i'm so glad to hear that you like the poster. and gen too! it's so flattering to hear that from two designers whose work i love.

i'm looking forward to seeing the domino story too!


Wow, what amazing apartments in this post and the one before...

Sara, you are doing such a great job pulling everything together by using color and staying in one range without making it boring! I find this the hardest thing!

Could you share some tips with us on how to plan deco projects in regard to color? How do you decide on which colors to use, which to skip? I would be glad about any input!

And are there any recommendations for further reading on the topic of color?


Quite fun to peak into this intimate, close-knit design world...thanks!


the vintage-y paper in the envelope is actually a fabric design from Denyse Schmidt's fabric line. http://www.sewmamasew.com/shop/index.php/action/category/id/9/subid/48/


I love the chandelier in the first picture. Did you update a vintage chandelier or is it new? I'm looking for something along those lines for my dining room. Thanks!


i love all the happy colors in this house- so great and inspiring!


How can I find out where the bride got that cardigan? I am getting married at the end of September and was looking for something like that. Also, on their invite, it has their wedding picture. Did they have pictures taken before the wedding (I know it sounds like a stupid question!)

Katie Meyer McFadden

hey sara-
don't know if you remember me- katie (meyer) mcfadden from wake- googled your name cuz alexa said you design cute invites, etc. and came across these pics of your cute home! hope you are well!

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