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March 07, 2007



hey meg, i actually saw that magazine at the grocery store yesterday ... let me know if you have trouble tracking it down. i can easily pick up a copy. (i love that blue buffet!)


they have the mag at a grocery store but not at barnes and noble in emeryville? what the....or maybe i'm blind. thanks anh-minh--i'll let you know if i have any more trouble.

that blue buffet would look pretty snazzy in your house!


this home was also featured in InStyle Home Fall/winter2006 using the same photos, I don't know if its still available in stores but perhaps that may be at a library? its a great spread! good luck


wonderful rooms, i just love that last pic.


Wow, I love that blue credenza and that chandelier, so beautiful, these photos are perfect even for just their color value! Thanks


Simple and elegant. The white is used beautifully throughout.


Does anyone know a source to track down the curtains in the 3rd photo? I'm loving the graphic patterns on it... thanks.

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