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March 29, 2007



Ohhhh, ahhhh...
I *love* trees, and these are magnificent representations. Merci!!


I bought the magazine sometime ago, it's packed to the brim with wonderful illustrations, interviews, articles and fashion shots. The illustrator for the picture below is 'Hannah Barton'.


that magazine looks gorgeous! Any ideas where can I find it?


sorry, i don't know of any US stockists. but it looks like you can order it online.


this mag is awe-inspiring! I love it! I checked on the site and they do use outside illustrators..very cool, because I need to contact them! How do I order this London mag from the states? Anyone know how to translate pounds?


i actually found a copy hidden away at barnes and noble...if yours doesn't carry it, ask them to order it!


The magazine's US stockists are on the web site. It's mostly in LA and New York, but it's worth buying.

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I think that it is so nice, my little song can draw the similar things,I think that it is wonderful , I would like to get more about this trees!!22dd


It is amazing how many cool trees exist today, I cant imagine how many were millions of years before.

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