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February 14, 2007



OH how brilliant to put only a small bit of pattern on that white dresser! I have one just like it that I have wanted to stencil for a while, but I always envisioned an all-over design. That looks killer!


i love all of these... especially since i'm working on my stenciling chapter right now! (due wednesday, ack!!)


Gorgeous designs... and I love the hit of orange! Do let us know how your #158 works out! (:


Some of these are rather ambitious

decor8 Holly

I like this, and thrilled that stencils are coming back 'in' because I felt bad hearing people hate on them for so long. I learned decorative painting and stenciling in my teen years (my mother taught me), and then again in art school in my 20s, so I always felt confident in my skills. Then by the time I had the courage to start my own business consulting, stencils were O-U-T.

Seeing them make a come back thrills me, I can't say how much!!


I love the idea of stenciling on a file cabinet. I have an incredibly drab one in my office that I inherited from my in-laws, and it serves its function well but could really use some livening up. Maybe I'll try this--but something simple and uncomplicated.


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