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February 07, 2007



hi meg!

i think most of the attention on this book has been because of the illustrations! they're the best part... and the reason why so many people were eager to see it. i totally agree with your review!


hey lena,

seriously, if it didn't have geoff's illustrations, i'm not sure i would've bought it. btw, i think i learned about wary meyers through you--thanks! they've got some really cool interiors...


decor8 Holly

I agree, I want to see a book all about bohemian modern and Wary Meyers would be perfect.


hi holly-hopefully they have one in the works! meg

neicy frey clark

WA-MY is the new BO-MO!


I was just looking at that book last night (I bought it, sight unseen) and I feel the same way. I would totally buy that forthcoming bo-mo book, too. Were it actually, you know, forthcoming.

p.s. Many of the sneak peeks over at design*sponge could be a part of that book, yours included. Hint.



hi - just found you via my good friend, jen at swallowfield. and had to chime in that i was curious about that book after seeing her feautured somewhere (domino maybe?) and looove geoff's illustrations. thanks for the review. and i agree w/the wary/meyers idea - i almost fell off my chair when i saw their living room.

Ajf 6

I agree with your blog, lucky to read your blog! It makes me have the courage to stick to it!

Jordan 1

Some experts even think that tennis movements are interlinked with dance skills.


I first learned of Wary Meyers here http://www.aliceindesignland.com/blog/designer-showcase-wary-meyers.html and love their work. Would love to see them do a decorating book.

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