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January 17, 2007



meg! you rock! you had me cracking up today...
great work on the article and i'm so glad you're back.
lauren's work reminds me of rays of light. cheers to
lots of sunshine in 2007!

xoxo - kelly

grace bonney

congrats meg- the article looks great. lauren's work is so beautiful :)



ha ha... so funny. my parents are artsy hippies, but i still totally relate... when i tell family members, acquaintances, etc. what i do, most of them don't get it. sometimes i wish i had a mainstream, easy to explain job, so i could just give a one word answer to "what do you do?"

i LOVE lauren saunders work, fabulous article meg!


your work is fabulous!! I can relate to the "impossible to impress" - shooting with a polaroid camera does not really help ;))


parents are completely impossible -- congrats on the article! hopefully we won't be as hard on our own kids.

cathy :)

phoebe (silk felt soil)

hey meg! i tagged you, m'dear! play along-- it's silly but fun! xx p

(click my link for more details).

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