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November 14, 2006


Phoebe (Silk Felt Soil)

so interesting! i hadn't heard any theories about this but it makes a lot of sense. thanks! xp (ps- love the graphite mini-sculptures...)


Everywhere I turn this book seems to be there. I have it on my holiday wish list, but I might just have to buy it sooner.

I think in this cold month of December I need some further inspiration to get out there and create!


I like the ties you drew to the Arts and Crafts movement. I had always liked the fact that a group of artists felt that art should really belong to everyone. I always understood the push from Morris to be an impetus to inject art and beauty affordably into people's lives.

I like to think that this pull for handicrafts since I've fallen victim to the craft of knitting myself is similar but different. It is that desire for something aesthetically pleasing but even more so, something that is self-made. I like your conclusions about mass production and technology creating this need for simple, handmade crafts. I like to imagine it is also a desire to say that art not only belongs to everyone but can be created by everyone.

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