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October 30, 2006



that wallpaper is too cool!


check out "Lucky # Slevin" for another great wallpaper flick.


yes, trish...i've been meaning to watch that movie!


Hi there
Just discovered your blog.
I'm a set/production designer, which means I design sets for theatre and film etc.
I mostly teach set design now.
And while it does seem an 'awesome' job, and it is true that the work is varied..like any job there's a lot more than meets the eye.
Like any job it has its fair share of dry-as-dust technicalities, tedious paperwork, endless documentation and people management (with more than its fair share of managing huge egos), usually ridiculous deadlines, schedules and budget responsiblities which strain everyone to the max.

You get the occasional 1/2 hour here and there where you can have a giggle over wallpaper swatches but like so many other design paths ..it's mostly "meat n potatoes" with the occasional "treat".

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