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July 21, 2006



too bad those invitations did not work out-they are great! do you have any info on when (or if) lotta is opening a store in new york? and will it be in brooklyn?


I love Lotta. I went to her closing sale today. It was going to be from 10 am to 6 pm. so I thought, great, I'll get there right at 10 and beat the crowd.

When I got there at about 10:05 there was already a line out the door. Lotta was outside with a sweet yellow dress on inviting people in. So I went in and fought my way through the throng to grab mugs, bowls, aprons, totes, and one gorgeous satchel bag at prices that were at least 50% off. Great!

Then I waited in the blistering hot front room with just two girls ringing people up (and hand writing invoices) and more and more people cramming in. After 10 minutes waiting in a confusing line (people snaking around in an S shape in a very small room) I gave up! I started to feel panicky, and you seriously could not move at all. so I fought my way to a shelf, dumped my stuff, and left. I just couldn't do it.

Perhaps I'll try again tomorrow, but today was insane!


great post!
it's always nice to hear how one artist inspires another. i, for one, can't wait for Lotta to be on the east coast ... a bit closer. and i will love to set my eyes on this fireplace! :) cheers, mav


i believe lotta is opening up a studio-cum-shop in brooklyn--i imagine she'll be working on opening that in the next couple months.


hi annie! sounds like a busy sale! i thought about going... but with this nasty heatwave going on, i decided to stay at home indoors with the ac on. ;)


love your card designs, hopefully they´ll get another chance ;)
and of course I love Lotta´s work!!


no more wedding invitations for me! 6 years of working with brides was plenty. but i am working on a new line of stationery...

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