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June 27, 2006



I love the curves of Arabic and Asian calligraphy too. Recently I posted information about suzanis and a residence/museum in Hawaii, called Shangri La. I'm pretty sure that on that site there are more links regarding Islamic calligraphy. Here's the link, if you are interested:



Also the artist Elliot Puckette does some interesting works with a bit of calligraphic imagery. Hope this link works:


meg mateo ilasco

Thanks style court! Nice post on Doris Duke and suzanis. I should've visited Shangri La when I was in Hawaii last year....


i m realy happy to see someone else who is intersted in arabic calligraphy, my dad make some arabic calligraphy paintings...
the paintings in the link is old and manual ,but now he made some digital one
:) and im trying to do some ,,, but im in the begening ...see the links >>>
nice to meet people like u :D


the other link is :

mateen (singaporean)

Hi there!

am new here.. here's (luv this guy's work!) a modern rendition of classical arabic calligraphy www.elshaarani.com

oh and if u wanted to know the first cursive arabic writing (on ur post) means : *pardon the atrocious translation*

" strive in this life (world) as if you were to live forever, and strive for the next life (the hereafter) as if you were to die tomorrow..." a prophetic tradition.


Hi, cool website, just a comment: these are not arabic! these fonts and calligraphies are iranian: "persian", I am a graphic designer from iran, don't know how I found myself in your website! but I have to say it: the handwriting is the same between iranian and arabic, but these calligraphic pictures you have are persian poems, and arabic people don't have such a callicraphies!


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