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April 06, 2006



What a great post Meg. I'll check out Sarah's blog for sure. Meg, I wish I was out there as I want to attend your sale so badly! Ever think of having one in Boston? :)

Hey, I just purchased your space planner book on amazon - I've been meaning to purchase it since we 'met'. I can't wait to read through it.

I also can't wait until you start creating again. You will, don't worry. First things first. May will soon roll in and Ms. Meg will be back to her ever-creative self.



This work is very inspiring! So sweet and delicate! Sarahs is certainly having fun and all the pieces have a wicked sense of humor. Love the embroidery. This all makes me wish I knew how to sew!

meg mateo ilasco

Hi Holly...of course, I'd love to bring the sale to Boston!

Thanks for purchasing Space Planner--it doesn't come out until the end of May. I hope helps with your home renovation projects.

Oh...I'll start making things again real soon!

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