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March 20, 2006



hooray! i haven't heard anybody mention Rootote (my boyfriend calls it Roo-Tohtay for some reason and now that's how i think of it too...!). I stumbled by accident upon Rootohtay on Ebay, I think, and was so pleased I did-- I have a flocked one (in mustard, black and white) as my main bag. How did you hear of them??
x phoebe

PS: *Great* site! I'll definitely be back.


Hi, if you like Rootote you may like my Web site http://www.totemotote.com/. I am selling Rootote bags from Superplanning in the United State.

I like your blog.

- Mari


I have a Rootote I bought from either Marshalls/TJ Maxx last year. I was rather surprised at the price,...$7.99!


I have a funtote ferris wheel tote bag, it is very similar to rootote, but with very different flavor. I basically like both, roototes are cute, funtotes are fashionable. check them out at http://www.funtote.com


Hi kiki, I have a funtote Maple Tree, I like it so much, some places call it Film Stills bag.


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i have found totemotote in Bolivia when i was there and they had there amazing(!!!!) bags and so cheap,i bought for almost all of my friends there until i haven't had enough room in my backpack


I also like the totes more than other styles of handbags they are comfortable to carry and more practical for me, as mother of 2 I have loads to carry with me and this type of handbag suites me most. Its the first I have heard of Rootote but I really like the designs in the pictures you have in your posts. I will surely have a closer look since I go through my handbags like my baby goes through diapers 8)


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