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March 16, 2006



what a lovely blog!! i found you via decor8. good stuff.


Very cool illustrations! There is something so fantastic about the simplicity of these pages! Love 'em!

I always start grand projects in the vein of self-publishing a zine (meaning bigger than I can reasonably handle) but so often real life gets in the way! Dont you hate that?


I was in Zurich last September, what an AMAZING city. Easy to be inspired to create there...have you been?



Oh, by the way, you can self-publish when it comes to a blog now! I have been doing a lot of research on this lately and I found a few sources, but in the next few months, I heard some big players are stepping up to offer it too. For now, look at this.


It's something I'd love to do with my blog, just to have one copy that I could put on my coffee table...show my grandchildren one day...this is the blog grandma wrote when she was a young girl... :)


p.s. sorry I signed by last post decor8, I type it so much lately that it's my new alias. :)

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