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March 14, 2006



glad you enjoyed the interview! i was also surprised to find out that a lot of small design business people still have full-time jobs on the side...I mean A LOT of people. I think with design, the market is there, but it will never be like selling a product that's in the supermarket where you have a much larger audience and you can quickly make lots of mula. I think if you love your business, you'll make it happen whether it's in addition to an existing job or not...

thanks for introducing me to your blog!


Yea, I found that very interesting too..that these creative businesses that I admire and get so much inspiration from are not in their businesses full-time and seem to struggle. At the National Stationery show, Pamela Barsky and Denyse Schmidt (whom I love) were saying how they both feel like at any moment they could be living in a cardboard box on the street.
I wonder if it just takes a long time...like years and years to get big. I would love to have my own creative business, but where is the money?


The money is there...just don't expect lots and lots of it.

And for some indie designers, the goal isn't to get big. They are very happy being small and making enough to maintain their lifestyle.

It really has to be a labor of love. If you do it for money or prestige, chances are you'll be disappointed.


Very nice work.. love it..

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